About us

Quantum AI Ltd, established in 2022, is a pioneering company in the field of quantum computing, significantly impacting the trading sector.

Our History

The company’s journey began in January 2021 in a dorm room at MIT.

Founders Finlay and Rajesh Gupta, during their time at MIT, were inspired by the exclusive use of quantum computing by Wall Street elites. They recognized the transformative potential of this technology and dreamed of democratizing it for a broader audience. Their goal was to bridge the gap between the complex world of quantum computing and the everyday trader, who traditionally had limited access to such advanced tools. This vision was fueled by the belief that the power of quantum computing should not be confined to the financial giants but should be available to empower amateur traders as well.

44 million

Transactions every 24 hours

$119 trillion

Assets under holding


New users annually

Quantum Trading Revolution

Quantum AI revolutionized trading by integrating quantum computing with artificial intelligence. The platform offers a unique blend of machine learning, quantum computing, and AI, creating algorithms that are more than just lines of code. Representing a symphony of deep learning and quantum mechanics, capable of analyzing live market data in unprecedented ways. Our quantum system leverages quantum superposition and coherence, providing a quantum advantage through sophisticated simulation and annealing techniques.


Customer Experience

Quantum AI has received positive reviews from customers worldwide, praising the platform’s impact on their trading experiences. Users have noted the accuracy, speed, and transformative power of quantum trading through Quantum AI.

Future Prospects

Quantum AI is expanding its operations to Canada and Australia and is actively hiring professionals experienced in AI development, Python, and quantum coherence. They offer remote working opportunities and industry-leading salaries.

Quantum AI's Achievements

Active Members: Over 330,000
Lines of Code: Nearly 898 million
Quantum Volume (QV) Score: Achieved a QV of 14,802, a high score on the industry-recognized benchmark developed by IBM.

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